I had a Dreadful Reading February.

I finished nine books in January and none books in February.

“I Just Want One Drama-Free Day Tomorrow”

That’s the thought that went through my head as I was getting ready for bed.

Then I thought “Drama? What ‘drama’ have I had going on?”

Thought for a minute and realized I meant Zoom meetings. Not even bad ones. Just ones that disrupt the flow.

They somehow registered in my head as drama.

I Was Scolded By Instagram

Apparently I posted a story with false information. It was Clarence Darrow and not Mark Twain who said some obituaries are enjoyable to read.

I’m glad Zuck has turned over a new leaf and become so vigilant regarding false information on his platforms. This should prove instrumental in dismantling The Big Lie.

Pat was a running character on Saturday Night Live from 1990–1993.

The character was played by Julia Sweeney and they were of indeterminate gender. All other characters in the skit were obsessed with figuring out what their gender was.

That was the joke.

The whole joke.

It was uncomfortable and unfunny to watch even in the early 90s.

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  1. Starbucks
  2. Pedicure with daughter
  3. Bookstore
  4. TJ Maxx to browse journals & coffee mugs
  5. Out with husband for lunch and local brews/craft cocktails.
  6. Curl up on the couch and watch TV while mildly buzzed. Maybe nap.

Saturday Agenda 2021

Just 6

It can be a great place to put your thoughts out, but it’s like a trash can where more and more stuff gets heaped on top of it.

If you put something out there and later want to consider it further, it can be really challenging to pull back out to reference or explore.

Is it just me? It’s like a sick bed. There are other places in my house I could spend my time, but I don’t.

I work in my office and I clean the rest of the house, but when I sit down ( which is something I’m quite adept at) I always hold on the same corner of the couch. In part, it’s because I hope to lure my small dog to my side. He’s adorable, but a skeptic. I had hoped he would be a lap dog, but generally the best I get is when he deigns to snug his back end into my thigh.

Skinny Jeans and Side Parts

How did millennials go from being too young to be relevant to too old to be relevant without ever having their moment?

When Gen Z tells them to give up their side parts and skinny jeans, I feel like the only reasonable response is …

“Okay, boomer.”

The 24 hours of someone who has a cleaning person, someone to mow the lawn, and a car is not the same 24 hours as someone who has to work 3 jobs to make ends meet or transfer buses to get where they’re going.

You know what we do all get? The potential for empathy.

Cathy Lanski

Writer. Reader. Gificionado. #hashtagabuser

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