Zillowfication of Living Rooms

I was thinking about the recent (very funny) SNL skit that basically presented online real estate listings as the new porn.

I’m for sure as guilty as anyone. I love looking at real estate ads and have for years, but I wonder about a couple of things.

  1. Because no one sells a home without putting 30 pictures of their interior online, homes on the market are basically expected to look like an IKEA showroom 24/7. I wonder if people look at them and expect the same of themselves. This can be frustrating especially right now when the best way to cope with life during a pandemic might mean rearranging the furniture to accommodate homeschooling and working from home in the same room. Frank Lloyd Wright not withstanding, function should follow form. (He only reluctantly provided closets.)
  2. My daughter bought a house in 2019 and one of the greatest frustrations (other than being outbid by 20k over ask cash offers), were low-quality renos that looked awesome online, but where absolute garbage in person. Homeowners (or sometimes flippers) renovated for the internet, not the buyer.

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